Dopamine-Enhancing Nootropics and Their Use

In the central nervous system, cognitive functions such as memory and learning rely on the levels of neurotransmitters. Neurotransmitters are endogenous chemicals that are produced in the brain and distributed to different organ systems of the body through synaptic bridges by brain cells or neurons. One of the most commonly-discussed neurotransmitter in the medical community is Dopamine. Dopamine runs the dopaminergic system, which helps a lot in brain processes. Like Acetylcholine and other brain chemicals, dopamine is also considered as a Nootropic neurotransmitter for its benefits in brain power, specifically to the mood and motivation of the individual.


Thanks to technology and science, there are a number of Nootropics today that improve the production levels of dopamine in the brain. Individuals cannot deny that their brain is often subjected to stress; thus, they might be hindering the production of neurotransmitters unconsciously. This can be a bad deal, and could lower the mental efficiency or brain power significantly. Individuals could experience different disorders like clinical depression, anxiety and insomnia. In a worst case scenario, they might experience the early signs of Alzheimer’s disease without reaching the age of 60. In order to maintain the right levels of neurotransmitters like dopamine, people should rely on Nootropics.

Nootropics are often called as mental enhancers or smart drugs because they boost the various cognitive functions by protecting the neurons and improving neurotransmitter levels. Some of the recorded natural and synthetic Nootropics that contain Dopamine are Sulbutiamine, Mucuna Pruriens and Hordenine. Mucuna Pruriens is a powerful herbal extract that could be used to boost dopamine even if it lacks L-Dopa, a natural Dopamine precursor. On the other hand, the synthetic vitamin, Sulbutiamine, increases the density of dopamine receptors D1 & D2. If the individual needs a mild stimulant that can effectively break down dopamine in the brain for better efficiency, the best alternative would be Hordenine.

Individuals diagnosed with ADHD or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder are commonly taking dopamine-enhancing Nootropics to control the impulsivity and hyperactivity. Research shows that ADHD is caused by the low dopaminergic activity; thus, boosting dopamine is in order to let patients live a normal life. However, dopamine-enhancing Nootropics are also addictive for some individuals. Since dopamine controls motivation in the brain, too much of it could lead patients to addiction. Addiction is the most negative effect of dopamine-enhancing Nootropics; thus, it is advised to take such drugs sparingly or with a prescription from a doctor.

Why Managers Highly Encourage the Use of Smart Drugs Among Employees

A business needs growth in order to succeed and achieve its corporate goals. Business managers often emphasize the need for better productivity and faster turnout to their employees, in the hope that they will improve their ways of working to deliver excellent results. Productivity strictly depends on the employees. If the employee decides to laze around because they just wants to, then they can do so. It is the responsibility of the business manager to encourage employees to work hard for the better of the business. However, sometimes it might not be about the employees’ laziness after all. It might be the absence of psychological presences or the lack of mental clarity that lead to the lethargy of employees. In such scenario, the obvious answer is smart drugs.

Smart DrugsSmart drugs enhance the mental process so individuals can be more productive in whatever they do. There are many advantages of taking such supplements because these are proven to improve the production of brain chemicals such as dopamine and acetylcholine. Also called as neurotransmitters, they are needed for cognition processes such as learning, memory, thinking and mental clarity. As people grow old, the production of such neurotransmitters can slow down, causing minor brain malfunction. As the lack of neurotransmitters is realized, more people become mentally-challenged with simple tasks such as remembering schedules and concentrating. Here are the benefits of taking smart drugs.

Faster Cognitive Processes

Cognition covers thinking, learning, memory and focus. These things are needed for the employees to get productive in each working day. Memory is the most important since employees need to take note of appointments and production schedules. Smart drugs will truly improve the retention of various things such as important names and corporate rules in the industry. Faster cognition will not only benefit the company, but the individuals as well, since they will not be as stressed as before.

Healthier Mental State

Smart drugs have neuro-protectant effects as well as vitamins that protect and nourish the brain cells respectively. Stress can be harmful because it produces cortisol. Cortisol in imbalanced levels can damage the brain cells, resulting to slower mental processes. Smart drugs can provide the necessary protection while boosting the activities of the neurons, resulting in a healthier and fully-functional brain.

Smart drugs also stimulate the employees to focus more, aim higher and do better in their work. With such perspective, the company will succeed eventually in the future with productive employees at hand.

How Can Brain Enhancement Pills Help You?

brain pills

Brain enhancement pills are drugs that help in improving and developing the functionalities of the brain. Through time, these pills further improved and became a supplement for the brain. Usually, people take this drug in order to perform better at work and think clearly.

These brain boosters are very helpful to people with different lifestyles. As long as you have to use so much of your mental abilities, then it would be better if you take one pill a day. Through this, your psychological, physical and most importantly, your mental abilities will grow. Moreover, it will also improve your concentration. This means that you can be able to handle distractions more. No matter how many distractions you have, you can still be able to finish the things that you need to finish.

Brain Boosters Good for All

You may think that these brain boosters only work best for professionals. Actually, even students can avail of this drug because being a student requires many mental and physical abilities. In order to excel in class, having a brain enhancement pill a day will surely help. It will make them more active and more participative in class, and as a result, they will have good grades. When students get to college, the more they need to have these brain boosters. College lessons are not as easy as the elementary ones.

On the other hand, professionals also need brain boosters. Being competent is necessary at work. You have to make an impression to your boss that you are worth keeping. The probability of experiencing fatigue of an employee is high. There is nothing to worry at all because these brain enhancement pills also help combat fatigue. For sure, you will be able to focus on your work and in addition, it would be easy for you to formulate solutions to a certain problem.

Brain boosters are good for all. They ensure that you can do a better performance of any task that you need to do. Without any interruptions, you will surely be able to succeed in anything that you do. Moreover, you will be the one who will excel among the members of your team.

There are many individuals, students and professionals, who talked about how these brain boosters helped them succeed. After starting to take the pill, they could really say that everything in them has changed, from perspectives, to the performance of the brain. They feel comfortable after taking the pill.

Why People Prefer Brain Enhancement Pills

Nowadays, people are more inclined to take brain supplements in order to boost the capacity of their nervous system as well as protect it from toxins that pose as a threat in the brain. Brain supplements are referred as mental enhancers because they improve the cognitive processes of an individual, such as memory, learning and concentration. These pills had opened opportunities and possibilities for people to enjoy. The quality of their life has also significantly increased as they included brain supplements in their daily routine. For years, people believed and relied on the power of the brain pills, making the said supplements popular among students, working professionals, athletes, the elderly and most of the people who just want to have a better and healthier brain. Here are the reasons why the public has trusted and used them for years.

Improvement in Focus and Thinking

Focus and thinking are included in the cognitive processes that are enhanced by brain supplements. These are some of the important things in a worker’s life. For example, a biomedical engineer is getting tired of his job in a demanding work environment. His tasks already felt monotonous and he is always stumped out of fresh perspectives. His laziness surprised him and perhaps he is already considering quitting the job. However, he tried the brain enhancement pills as a last resort to save his career. He experienced changes that are temporarily, yet immediate. Fortunately, he can now focus on the projects. He can also feel the youth surging in his veins and he felt that he can conquer any task. Thanks to brain pills, he can now deliver excellent outputs that are worthy of praise.

Enhancement in Memory Processes

Brain enhancement pills are also a great alternative to boost retention and memory storage. The advantages can be expounded in the following example. A single mother is trying to juggle her responsibilities at work and taking care of her son. Since the woman needs to work at least 8 hours a day to make a living and feed both of them, she is often tired and stressed when she arrives home. She can no longer play with her son because of the tiredness. She is also forgetful, like forgetting where she left the umbrella or failing to keep track of the birthdays of the family. Taking brain pills changed her life. She can now have extra energy when she gets home from work, and appears to be less stressed. Stress can be harmful because it produces cortisol. If the levels of cortisol are imbalanced, they might turn into a threat to nerve cells. By being less stressed, her memory is also improved.

These life-changing moments are the very reasons why people take brain enhancement pills. It does not only improve their life, but also their relationship to others and their value in the workplace.